Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Palawan Field School

My first experience participating in a group project this size was an encouraging success. The logistics ran smoothly and we were lucky to have such an easygoing and diverse group of people. The nice variety of paces and conditions throughout the field school kept things interesting. We experienced the spectrum of Palawan accommodation from our relaxation periods at the resorts to sleeping in tents in the rain. This balance worked as the 7-4 work days made the resort days all the better. The work was hard but interesting and having a good work crew always made the time go fast.

On the archaeology side of things I was impressed by the community outreach project we conducted in Sibaltan. The community was very curious about our work and came out to the site each day to see what we had found. Rodrick our local team member would translate our daily summaries into the local language. The community exhibit that Lace and Mindy put together was great. They really made the most with a limited amount of supplies. On the final day we held a big gathering in the town center to open the exhibit and say thanks to the community. The event really made it clear what community involved archaeology was all about.

Some other highlights for me were the mangoes, Danny's fresh baked bread, flirting with waitresses, the "Palaweno" (hot water, cane sugar, and G.S.M Blue), not wearing a shirt for solid month, our soccer matches, tea-time...Bonanza!, the line at the first aid station after every work day and comparing infections, the roosters!#@&, coconuts, jeepneys, and most of all the people!

I hope to someday be involved in another group project that runs as smoothly as the Palawan Field School. Thanks

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