Thursday, June 10, 2010

El Nido Nights

El Nido was our reintroduction to civilization after our first two weeks of field work. I have to say the anticipation was building early on. I had been fantasizing about the use of the internet, a bed, and the comforts of civilization for at least a week and half prior. Just outside of town it was a welcoming site to see the towering limestone cliffs that characterized El Nido Bay. Upon arrival we worked quickly to unload the jeepney and find our rooms at the cozy Lally and Abbott resort. My room featured A/C, cable, Emperor Ming and Rachna. Being the first in the room I snagged the single bed. Rachna and Ming were forced to share the double which proved to be a troublesome parring. By the second night Rachna preferred the floor to Ming's trespassing. Even with the bed situation we managed to have some very lively discussions. Next it was the buffet three maybe four trips, I had a ravenous appetite. Afterwards a nice lecture and a few beers, not bad.
One of our nights out on the town Bethany, Sarah, Rachna, and I attempted to meet two of the staff from our resort at the "New Zone". This club was a rectangular shaped, very loud, and unwelcoming lazer-den. We got our drinks and took a seat alongside the wall. After a very-brief scan (for fear of provoking a knife attack) I failed to locate our girls among the scattered flocks of zipper-dress clad women. We decided it was best to suck our drinks down and move on. From the "New Zone" we happened to run into our girls on the street. Attempting to improve on our first experience together we decided to go to the "Bom Disco", a cozy little firetrap and sweatbox that featured chicken-wire over all the escapable windows. The highlights were, failing to break the ice with the girls, and after it became evident that the bartender had no idea how to make the drinks we ordered (from the menu) one of the girls in our group just went behind the bar and made them herself. EL Nido.

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  1. Greg, you are a brilliant writer. You've truly captured the essence of the El Nido nightlife. Cheers my friend.